Guided Salmon Fishing In Washington

My experience includes fishing commercially in Alaska for salmon, fishing for anchovies and sardines in California and Oregon and guiding in Alaska and Washington state.

Washington Guided Salmon Fishing On The Cowlitz River: River seasons are as follows winter steelhead February through middle of April side drifting these plentiful hatchery winter run Steelhead is an awesome experience limits are the normĀ 
Spring chinook start showing up in the Cowlitz River in March the season continues through about mid May this salmon is highly prized for its table fareĀ it is the best eating of all salmon
Fall chinook and coho start showing up in late August I target these fish with ultra lite gear It's quit a experience catching a 30 lbs chinook salmon on ultra lite gear.

Summer steelhead late June - August If you enjoy fishing in shorts and t-shirts this ones for you.